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Is there some sort of speedrun archive for this game? Very speedrunnable. Currently at 9.08 on normal level 1.

EDIT: Is there a speed difference between PAL and NTSC?

Not that I’m aware of sorry. That sounds pretty quick. Most people play level 2 normal. I think 8.48 is the record there. PAL and NTSC are exactly the same.


8.38 for Normal 1

Very fast, congratulations! That's the best I've seen. Here's the level 2 run I mentioned:

I created a page over at for times, hopefully they accept it.

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The physics remind me of Super Meat Boy which is probably my favorite platformer. I must try out the 2 player mode sometime. This small game is more playable and fun than most old C64 games imho. It goes to show that game design has also advanced and not just the technology.


Thank you, I was playing a lot of Meat Boy and Celeste when I wrote this and that was the feel I was trying to capture. You're correct, I think modern game design is one of the reasons there's a resurgence in quality C64 games. I wish I'd know in the 80s what I know now, I could have been much more successful.

8.52 seconds for level 2 on "normal" is the time to beat.


I did it.


Wow! Excellent work.

Hey, no way to donate for the prototypes! So we'll do it here.

That's very kind of you, thanks.


Fun game, challenging but keeps you coming back for more


this is brilliant, a must play! 


very good


Wop wop! New gameplay genres landing on the C64!