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This is just a random selection of some C64 prototypes I've made in the past. I thought I'd stick them up here to see if the C64 scene might be interested in any of them.


This is the most promising of the 3 games. I started this when Saul Cross provided me with a lovely map and I challenged myself to code a nice scroller for it. I did much more with enemies and multiple rooms (press down to enter doors). I want it to be a kind of Metroidvania but other projects have meant this is in limbo.


This is my favourite Spectrum game which never saw a C64 release back in the 80s even though the game style is much more suited to the breadbox. I did a bit of reverse engineering on the Speccy ROM and came up with the level generation and a scroll you see here.


I actually coded this in around 1990 I think and it was the last thing I coded as a professional C64 developer. As you can see it's a bit rough and the graphics are meh but something nice could probably have come from it with another month's work.

Install instructions

Unzip and load the PRGs in an emulator or a real C64.


prototype_pack.zip 30 kB


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Don't miss the full game of the RunGun Prototype!

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RunNGun has a lot of potential. We have small improvement ideas to share. Please contact us for a possible cooperation on this.

Hi, I've messaged you on Twitter. Let me know if there's a more convenient way.

very good

Thanks for putting these up, I never realised Wheelie was speccy only, it was such a fun game! 
Was your c64 version done just because you could or originally planned to end up a release? 

I still hope to finish Wheelie and release it but it’s low on the list.