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Ein richtig tolles Game, dass ich im Moment ohne Ende spiele :) Jede Menge Rätselspaß für Jung und Alt sind garantiert. Well done! Absolute Kaufempfehlung von meiner Seite!

Auf meinem YouTube Kanal habe ich es im Rahmen der C64 Spielzeit vorgestellt. Schaut doch mal vorbei:


I tried this game on my stream last night, thinking at first that this would not be something for me. And I was wrong - this was a brilliant game and I had a ton of fun with it. Will purchase the physical release as well.

Thanks for playing, I enjoyed watching your stream. It's interesting seeing which levels people struggle with.


Finally got around to playing, congratulations on a fine game sir.

Now looking forward to the physical release.


Brilliant little puzzle game, that provided hours of fun. Some later puzzles are quite challenging too.

I found a little bug in level 88. After eating the clam and digging through the dirt on the second lowest row left to the stairs, the column left to Millie collapses:

The column is still there, even though it seems to disappear. You must exit and re-enter the level to get the graphics looking proper again.

Not a huge issue though, as this is a stupid move anyway. :) But thought it is worth mentioning, in case it can happen in some other levels too.

Great find. I wasn’t aware of any bugs. I’ll fix this for the physical release and do an update version.

I've fixed this bug by the way. I'd incorrectly assumed the maximum number of items which could fall in any one turn was 7. That layout has allowed you to drop 8 items so it overflowed the memory I'd allocated. You could actually build a situation in the level editor to drop 13 items at once I now realise.


A very clever, creative and pleasant game! The rewind-option is a great idea and perfectly executed. Thank you for such a motivating and unique puzzle experience!


I bought it just because of music.


Great game! I bought it and enjoyed playing it very much... Cheers from Holland!


Really love it! Game, music, design, waiting for your next game!

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Is this a one file .prg? I use RR-Net to transfer games over codenet so I can only play those, so just making sure.

Yes it’s a single file load.


I love that game, i love that music. Perfect.


Kerching... purchase made. Looking forward to playing this. Thank you for all the work put in to this. :)


I'm really loving this! Thank you for making this beautiful "little" gem! It's perfect for young and old.

I would buy it but the thing is stuck on 5 dollars not three.


3$... 5$ ... frankly it's just nothing for all the time which has been spent writing efficient code and designing a strong gameplay and shining grapfix ;)

I would have paid ten times the price, because this game finally got my gf hooked on the little computer ;)

That’s great to hear.


Great game!

I came, I watched, I play! ;)

well, only you record all games as you go, not the ones you like. :/


Lovely game mate. Very polished and I love that rewind feature. Top notch.