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Willamina “Willie” Runn and Wallace “Wally” Gunn were two run-of-the-mill infantry until an army experiment went seriously wrong and fused their bodies into a super soldier.

The military covered up the accident by drafting the pair into C.O.M.M.O.D.O.R.E 64 (Commandos On Military Missions, Ominously Dangerous, Often Requiring Extermination).

This elite squad is made up of 64 of the best soldiers on the planet. They’re sent on missions to the far reaches of the galaxy to quell alien threats before they can ever reach Earth.

Their next mission is to the planet Bantaya where a terrible lifeform is planning an assault on our home planet.

Take control of both Runn 'n' Gunn and tackle this mission to remove the threat of the Bantayan menace. Run, jump, shoot and explore your way to victory in this action packed game for your Commodore 64/TheC64/C64 mini or emulator.

PAL/NTSC compatible.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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RunnNGunn_v1.0.zip 116 kB


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It's too hard for me. Half that many enemies would be enough!


fun gameplay, great music, cool game


Hi, lovely the game. 

Just one thing...Volume is too low when playing on The c64 (disc image).

Still great game.

Hi, glad you like it. There’s a small bug if you leave the loading image on and allow the music to fade which quietens the mains tunes. Just skip the intro. Sorry about that.


Great game. I love the graphics. Very playable. Thanks for this ;)

does not work on real c64 for me! 😓 i’ve tried prg on Kung Fu Flash, writing the d64 on a real floppy, and i converted the prg to crt (for kff) and to tap (for tapuino) all them freezes before load.

Really sorry about this, it’s fully tested on real hardware. I only have a pi1541 though. I’m sure somebody on Twitter installed it on a KFF. I’ll ask on there.

So apparently you should put the D64 on to the KFF. I don’t have one so can’t confirm. Also trouble check your firmware on the KFF.

PRG works for me on the kung fu flash, make sure your kung fu flash is running on the latest firmware ones below 19 have bugs (easy to update)

Molto bello e pieno d'azione, peccato duri veramente poco. Undici minuti per finirlo in modalità NORMAL, senza considerare che il gioco ti sproni a "correre" affrontando tutto in velocità, questo significa non assaporare in pieno il gioco e le sue potenzialità. Spero in un secondo capitolo più pacato e longevo, il programmatore ha stoffa per farlo.

Never mind.  I know what I did wrong.  Excellent game!

I cannot figure out how to use the terminals.  Nothing seems to work.  What am I doing wrong?


Great game and I'm currently trying to complete the hard mode! Just one annoyance: When trying to jump directly up after moving, the character will jump diagonally instead. You have to stand still a moment before pressing jump to not get a diagonal jump.


Thanks. This was a deliberate choice to try and help with diagonals on joysticks. It does help with that but I've seen what you say. The former saves more deaths so I kept it in. I'll try and refine it for the next mission.

Thanks for your answer! I have died to this a few times though. The game is about precise platforming and movement, and this design choice goes against that IMHO. I would want to turn it off at least.

I'm sorry to be such a whiner but the more I have played, the more infuriating the automatic diagonal jumps have become. I have to be consciously thinking about it the whole time to not screw up. I probably don't want to play this anymore unless this gets changed.

Sorry to hear this. It's not an automatically diagonal jump, just your horizontal velocity is maintained when you start a jump. You can adjust in air. Have you tried a different joystick?


Just played on Vice (Linux) with a joypad using QJoyPad. Great game, really like simplicity and tight control. Just got killed by the boss on normal. 


Just made my forehead sweat. Super game full marks!

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This game is really great, best yet, your previous games were too cerebral for me although I had a go I won't be getting very far due to my lack of patience, but this, I'll be playing this.

Saul Cross as well deserves a special mention, what a soundtrack.

PS I forgot about Blockheads, that should be your next release, all it needs it a groovy tune and I'd buy it.

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Is there a technical reason for why the keyboard controls are mapped to QAOP and not WASD? I assumed that C64 games had wonky keyboard controls only because WASD had not become the standard yet. Having joystick up to shoot and fire to jump is a great choice btw.

QAOP was what I grew up with. I didn’t think people would use keyboard at all to be honest. Is not a very 64 thing to do.

The only reason WASD has become 'the standard' is because of the mouse...back in the day we used to use both hands on the keyboard?

The other standard is moving with the arrow keys but C64 doesn't really have them. WASD layout is essentially replicating the intuitive arrow key layout.

I was trying it on my TheC64 mini and the controls are a bit weird. Stick up shoots while the fire button jumps. Is there a way to customize the controls?

Yes. In the options.


I've tried playing Runn N Gunn on PC with emulators, WinVice and CCS64. I have both a Gamepad F310, and XBox 360 Wireless.  In both emulators, when using any gamepad button, the game 1st pauses, and then jumps.  I'm going to try and attach a video.  Well, I can't add a video file here.  How can I get it to you?



Sounds like you’ve got some keyboard conflicts. F1 is pause and space is also used. Check your input settings. Possibly port one is set to something.

Great release! Just 2 hopefully small problems, the volume on a 6581 is a tad low and every scene change makes a loud scratching noise. The button layout should probably default to B = jump is up and fire is shoot!

That’s 3 things. ;)

I think the SID player has a bug where it sometimes plays the music low. Could be something to do with playing the loading tune through. Clicking is also the SID player, I thought that was just a C64 thing. I remember it as a kid. I’ll look into it.

In testing fire for jump was the preferred choice hence default. Just personal preference and quick to change.

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I bought it today and completed it today ;) It is a beauty. Great gfx, gameplay and music. I hope for a follow up. If there is one thing that could be done is to add option for joysticks with more buttons. Just as the game "Wormhole" has done! Jump, shoot and change character, 3 buttons as C-64 support. 

I’ll look into other joypads, I wasn’t aware of them. Have you completed tricky and hard? There’s a enemy in those modes which doesn’t even appear in normal.

I just completed in normal. I will try tricky if there is a new enemy :)  What would be cool is to do something similar as Tiny Little Slug on Amiga regarding high-score. http://tls.apc-tcp.de/highscore-de.php

What happen there is that when the game is completed you get a code to type into a web-browser and you get on the high-score list :D  

I like that idea.

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Really very good game


Looks very cool. I love those simply, immediate plattform-arcade games. Very well done.


Fan-bloody-tastic! Thank you so much for adding to the legacy that is the Commodore 64!

Only .d64 version?

No, the zip has d64, t64 and prg


Charleton Handley hat zusammen mit Saul Cross wieder ganze Arbeit geleistet und ein richtig tolles Spiel rausgebracht! 

Auf meinem YouTube Kanal habe ich es im Rahmen der C64 Spielzeit vorgestellt. Schaut doch mal vorbei:


Sieht wirklich super geil aus. Ein beraubendes Spiel das nicht viel braucht um auf ersten Blick zu gefallen ! Das ist die Spende wert.

Hey MacGyver

Das Spiel macht wirklich übelst Laune! Richtig toll gemacht. Auf jeden Fall eine klare Kaufempfehlung und da das Spiel so günstig ist und sich die Entwickler unter Wert verkaufen, sollte man auf jeden Fall ein paar Euro drauflegen! Danke für deinen schönen Kommentar. 

Viele Grüße, bleib gesund und bis zum nächsten Video, Andira 


Great graphics and sound, smooth game play. I am already struggling though, any chance a future revision could have a save/load system or passwords for each level?

The game is not that long and there are continue. It is perfect like it is. That is at least my opinion. 


Cool Game! Not what I was expecting, but even better. I do like how it actually does something new.

Thank you.


Love it love it

.. Thanks 4 the fantastic game😊


Well ain't that just a beauty!? Love that you made the fire button be jump and push up be shoot. Works so well in this game.
I've not had a full play yet (work day), but what I have seen is wubberly.


WOW ! This needs a boxed version for sure!

Release date?:)

Any estimation about release date? :) Can't wait to play it :D


Just bought it and gifted some extra $! Looking forward to playing it and seeing more c64 games from you :) 


Ordered and tipped! Keep the C64 alive.

Last year was great, this is a good start for 2021!


Looking great Carleton! Very much looking forward to playing soon!


Looks great, with perfect animations and seems really good commands! Instant purchase!


very good


TheC64/mini compatible?




This looks promising and like great fun! Just ordered with a little extra on top :) I hope there will be a cartridge of this later!


Wow, looks great!